3G IP Camera Module (GSM / WCDMA)

4G IP Camera Module / LTE CCTV Camera module using Huawei Industrial modules.


Add on this fully integrated 3G / 4G modules into our IP cameras for network access using a 3G /4G  SIM Card. Perfect for places where internet via ethernet cables are unavailable.

Solar Powered IP Camera

Runs the IP Cameras off the power of the sun.

Available panels 5W / 10W / 20W / 40W/ 80W

Should be paired with appropriate battery size.

4 x 12V outputs + 1 x 5V output

Fire Detection

● Works upto 150m per camera

● Super high Level of accuracy

● Instant notifications

● Available in 1 and 2 Megapixels

● Also works as a security camera

Facial Recognition

● Recognizes faces at a distance

● Simultaneously recognizes multiple faces in real time

● Variable facial angles

People Counting

● Automatically counts in real time, the number of

   people passing the camera and in what direction.

● It is built on advanced algorithms for intelligent video

● Embedded directly in our network cameras

● All counting is done directly on the camera, very

   scalable to implement.


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