CCTV IP Camera Module Manufacturer

We are producing a range of regular and full function IP camera modules and Wifi IP camera modules.


Full function IP Camera modules include support for wifi, audio in, audio out, SD card, zoom and RS485.

These can also be paired with PoE.


We have a full range from 1MP upwards including 4MP IPC module, 5MP IPC module, starlight camera modules, PTZ Zoom camera modules, H.265 IP Camera modules, etc.


Our range upto 2 Megapixels can be connected with our app.

Our app can be customised and upload as your own app with your branding.


IP Camera SoCs that we use - HiSilicon, Ingenic


Current Range includes:


1 Megapixel IP camera modules

T10 + H42

Hi3518Ev200 + OV9712


1.3 Megapixel IP camera modules

T10 + SC1135

T10 + AR0130

Hi3518Ev200 + AR0130


2 Megapixel IP camera modules

T20 + 0806

T20 + IMX323

Hi3518Ev200 + IMX323

Hi3518Ev200 + 0803

Hi3518Ev200 + IMX290 starlight IP module

Hi3516C + Sony IMX323

Hi3516D + IMX290 starlight IP module for fixed and 10x / 18x / 30x / 36x optical zoom

Hi3516A + IMX185 Starlight IP Camera module

4 Megapixel IP camera modules

Hi3516D + OV4689

4 Megapixel H.265 IP Camera module


5 Megapixel IP camera modules

Hi3516A + IMX178

4K IP Camera modules

Hi3519 + IMX178 Sony


H.265 IP Camera modules

Hi3516Cv300 coming soon

We develop the latest boards using high definition sensors.


We go from PCB to PCBA on high speed SMT machines with rigorous testing and ageing of each and every board. All our onboard components are only from top companies. Here is our SMT setup.


We guarantee you will have a lower defect rate with our products as compared to any other Chinese module manufacturer.


Sales Office


Contact Macro Plus today to find out how our products will rock your market!

International Sales Team

Phone: +852 69489548 (HK)

             +86 13902480024 (China)

             +1 646807 0113 (USA)

Contact: Mr. Harry


Unit B2, 2/F, Summit Building,

30 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon,

Hong Kong

Shenzhen Futurezen Co. Ltd.

14/F, Block A, Nantong Bang High-Tech Industrial Park, 280 Dabutou, Songyuan Village, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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