What is Smartlink? How does it make setting up a wifi camera easier?

You must have read product titles touting this new Smartlink technology and wondering “What is Smartlink?”. It uses sound waves to send a little information between the phone and the camera mainly to make setup easier. The camera when powered on, doesn’t know the wifi password of the network it should connect to, and there is no visible or touch interface on it like we have with phones or computers. Yet, we need to send this little data so the camera knows which wifi we want to connect to and the password to establish the connection. Here’s where smartlink comes in.

It plays a sound with the password, the camera picks up this sound and plays a confirmation tone of receiving this information. Then connects to your wifi and you can start viewing live in just a couple of minutes.

Currently Smartlink is in revision 4 (Jul 2016) so it is quite stable and we have integrated it with our newest cameras.

Wifi AP mode is however still the most sure fire way to connect but Smartlink is getting smarter.

Here’s a quick video to show you how installation has become so much quicker.


Let us know what other issues you face with the cameras so we can improve upon those points as well.

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macroplusWhat is Smartlink? How does it make setting up a wifi camera easier?

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