4K IP Camera Manufacturer, 8 Megapixels H.265 UDHD camera demo

4K IP Camera manufacturer

8 Megapixels network camera with H.265 compression and 800m wiring distance.

​Our latest 4k IP camera can achieve 4k resolutions (8 Megapixels) which is 4 times as clear as a 2MP camera. It pairs with our 4k DVR for the ultimate performance. The result is like a movie. Capture minute details, faces, number plates, 5 lanes of traffic, all possible with a 4k IP camera.

4k NVR

Our 4k NVR can handle upto 16 channels of 4k video. Even the top end branded NVRs cannot do that at this moment. We are bringing in analytics onto our NVR platform for advanced security.

Using the latest H.265 compression technology, we also help save on storage space.

Our proprietary low latency protocol that interfaces with our DVR runs an IP camera over coax cable and can be wired upto 800 meters.

4K IP Camera manufacturer

Specifications for this camera:

Hi3519CV101 + Sony IMX274 sensor.
8 Megapixels UDHD standard.
4.5mm 8 Megapixel Lens
3840 x 2160 pixels
​Coax cable with BNC pin wired upto 800m.
IP66 all weather

4k IP Camera with Nightvision Outdoor IP66.

We have gone to great lengths to set the image quality as close to real color as possible. Here are some demo videos for day and night view as well as zoomed in digitally. It uses a fixed 4.5mm lens for this demo.

We haven’t modified the video in any way. Our external recorder for video capture is only capable of 1080P resolution so this is not even its maximum clarity.

Below is with digital zooming. The zoomed in area is about 1km away from the camera!

This 4K IP camera and 4k enterprise NVR are suitable for regular to high end requirements such as government project cameras, traffic solutions, etc.

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macroplus4K IP Camera Manufacturer, 8 Megapixels H.265 UDHD camera demo

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