OEM IP Cameras

Finding the right manufacturer to produce your OEM IP Cameras is not an easy task. There is a sea of suppliers that will resell you just about anything you need. We want to create a complete range of cameras that work seamlessly with a single app and DVR.

​OEM IP Cameras are not just about putting your brand on a product. While we take care of doing this as well as customised packaging, we offer a much larger package.

​Custom, OEM IP Cameras App

​All our cameras work with a single app. This can be redesigned or rebranded to match your branding. It’s a powerful app with solid features. You can check more at www.hdsmartlifeapp.com.
Since this is created by us, we can add features, integrate it into a larger app, etc. Theres only a handful of companies that create such apps.

​Latest Private Tooling Designs

Our range of wifi cameras are completely designed and produced in-house by us. Each model goes through extensive testing and adjustment so you receive the best performance. e.g.
IP Camera ​Nightvision performance. A custom LED board is created to cover the same angle as the wide angle lens which is then modified on the firmware to produce the best day and night vision results.
High performance Wifi IP Camera – The wifi module and antenna are specially calibrated for its case design.
​You can compare our range against the best cameras, like those from Dahua / Hikvision cameras to understand our product quality. These quality OEM IP Cameras can be part of your range. Here is a quick comparison we did with a Dahua camera.
OEM Wifi IP Camera

HDX IP Camera vs Dahua

HDX Wifi Camera vs Dahua Wifi CameraHDX Wide Angle Wifi Camera vs Dahua Wifi Camera




OEM IP Camera custom features

​We have special features such as a wifi camera with a PoE connection. As the resolutions go to 2Megapixels and higher, streaming that over wifi sometimes can be laggy so we can easily plug it directly through to our router without complicated wiring.

Professional IP Cameras

​We have private tooling for some of our models. This keeps you apart from the competition and gives your brand more credibility.
​We also have our own backend DVR / NVR / XVR so via our private protocol when our IP Camera is connected to the network, it is directly picked up by the recorder.

IP Camera with SD Card for local storage – Some of our cameras have an SD Card slot on the PCB so recording can be done on the unit itself.

IP Camera with AP Mode – You can connect to the wifi of the camera directly if there is no internet connectivity available.

IP PCB with SD Card Slot

Audio Support – Learn more about our full function cameras over here.


HDX Dome IP Camera Private Tooling

P2P Platform

​While we host our connectivity platform on Amazon servers, there are some who require a higher level of customization and would like to host this on their own server setup. We can port this entirely on to your servers along with firmware modification and app changes.


​Our range goes from 1080N to 4K DVRs. This can be customised to develop it with your UI and apps.


OEM branded DVR


Cloud Storage

We can offer a complete cloud live stream and cloud storage camera or DVR. Custom packages for 1 / 3 / 7/ 15 days storage in the cloud is available. Share the camera with hundreds of users to view live or setup a single viewing station for cameras that are deployed in multiple locations.



Test our products and know that our quality speaks for itself. You can end your search for a complete branded CCTV solution here.



​Each of these options has their own MOQ. For example, a printing company requires 1000 boxes to make customised boxes at a competitive rate. Our MOQ would then be 1000 cameras or we could manage for less at a higher cost.


​A lot of the costs to brand the products are provided at cost, we make money on the complete unit. At this level of customization we are still within the average product cost.


Lets get started on your range? Connect with us.

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