Why Wide Angle Wifi Cameras are better than Pan Tilt or Fisheye CCTV cameras

Heres an in-depth look at the wifi camera range available today. How popular they are in terms of sale, image quality and why we think wide angle wifi cameras are the upcoming choice.


In order or sales volumes presently, it is:

Pan Tilt Wifi cameras


Regular angle full wifi cube cameras

Fisheye Wifi Cameras


and lastly wide angle full wifi cube cameras.



Pan Tilt cameras currently are about the same cost as any of the other options but it allows the user to remotely Pan and Tilt the camera to view any corner of the room. They also come with a LAN port which in many cases is useful where wifi doesn’t do the job. Sometimes remotely controlling the movement takes a little while depending on your internet connection. Another drawback is that it is motor controlled and moving parts have its own set of technical issues. Here is a sample image.



The drawback with regular angle wifi cube cameras is that they are fully wifi and that can sometimes be an issue, they are too small to house an ethernet port. Also, they are usually 70-90 degree angles and cannot be adjusted remotely. The sample image for this is the same as the one above.


Fisheye cameras are mostly fully wifi and the same resolution as any of the other cameras. Meaning in a 1 or 1.3 megapixel resolution you will see an entire room 180 degrees. When zoomed in, this is a very low quality image. Wide angle wise, its very nice, zoomed in its a little low on quality. Usually placed overhead in the centre of a room, you end up seeing less of the face.

Below are 3 sample images:

1. Fisheye image

2. Zoomed in view

3. Wide angle view

Fisheye_sample_image Fisheye_sample_image_zommed_in Fisheye_sample_image_full_angle


Wide angle IP cube cameras with Ethernet – I think these will take off by solving a few issues.

  1. Pricing – A good wide angle lens is very expensive (much more than a fisheye lens). This has now come down in cost. There are some very cheap wide angle lenses, but don’t fall for those, the image clarity and angle isn’t that good.
  2. No remote pan and tilt required. You can see the entire room at a glance. Its not overkill like the fisheye camera which includes the ceiling and every other angle.
  3. By fitting in only whats important into the frame means a higher resolution image when zoomed in.
  4. A wired connection allows it to connect to the internet via ethernet. We have taken this a step further and made it a PoE connection (all you need is a single cable to the camera that will power it and provide internet access)

Sample image below:


And another image which is a digitally zoomed in view to show you the detail retained.


Now with these examples you will see why I just love the wide angle IP cameras. The image is unbeatable and now, pricing is comparable. I think it will zoom past these other types of wifi cameras due to these factors. As volumes increase, the lens costs will also come down even further.

Our own wide angle camera is now fitted with a PoE connection on board by default.


Ofcourse, we have all 3 types available, and its all about personal choice. We can manufacture and supply any of these models.


If you had any questions about this, do leave it in the comments.

macroplusWhy Wide Angle Wifi Cameras are better than Pan Tilt or Fisheye CCTV cameras

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