DIY Full Function IP Cameras

Revolutionary full function ip cameras are going to change the field of home security.

As an importer or wholesaler, why choose these full function IP cameras?

You no longer have to work with distributors and system installers to move camera inventory. You can sell these cameras directly. Possibly online, through larger department stores, electronics outlets, etc. Making the product easy to install, and a complete security system in a single camera changes the game. It is now like selling any other consumer electronic product. The possibilities to get your product into the hands of the end customer are in your control.

If you are selling via distribution, these perform just as well and offer customers additional features. Cost wise they are very marginally more expensive, depending on the features added.

Ofcourse there is money to be made by the system installers, but its hard to control whose product they push and how much they resell the products for, etc. Typically a set would mean 4 cameras and a digital recorder, all this now gets replaced by a single camera. If the customer is happy with 1 camera, they will continue buying more for around their home or office. The app works with just our cameras as it requires our connectivity p2p protocols built into the camera and app to work seamlessly. So once a happy customer, they continue to buy from you as they wouldn’t want to purchase different cameras and start using multiple apps.


Full Function IP Camera Supplier

Full function IP Cameras with audio and SD card

Full function IP cameras have these features included.

They support wifi, PoE, Audio, SD inbuilt recording, P2P cloud, Reset button, nightvision, indoor or outdoor models.

Below, I’ll expand on these features further.


​If wiring is an issue, setup wherever wifi is available. (optional)


​Power and internet provided over a single CAT6 (internet) cable upto 600ft (250m) . This reduces wiring issues. It is more stable than wifi, if a professional is called in, is much cheaper to wire than power cables. (optional)


The camera can have built in audio to record audio with video. If you would like a speaker connection, we have an audio out as well. (optional)

SD inbuilt recording

​Video is recorded directly onto an SD card that sits inside the camera. This means, no external recorded or additional wiring is needed. Playback can be done from the app.

P2P cloud camera

This lets us connect and view the camera live from the app. Live view, multiple camera views, playback, etc. all via an app. The customer is no longer limited to a camera setup at home and a separate setup at the office, etc. The app has a list of their cameras, wherever they maybe around the world. More information on the technology can be read at

Reset button

​We have an external reset button option for those that want to avoid after sales issues, its easy for a user to reset any wrong settings, forgotten passwords, etc. and start afresh. (optional)


​All our cameras have nightvision.

Indoor / Outdoor

​Usually dome cameras are suitable for indoor installations and bullet cameras for indoor or outdoor installations as they are IP66 compliant and weatherproof.

macroplusDIY Full Function IP Cameras

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